Appetizer Gives Business Owners Power

Noon on a Thursday, the lunch rush is starting. The person taking orders is stressed, a customer is complaining that their order is messed up, and the line is to the door. New customers walking up see this, think about it for a second, and spin on their heels to go...

The System They Wanted, 1/4 the Price

“I want something that looks cool and is functional.” We were speaking to a doctor that was fed up with using a terminal and pin pad for his customers to run transactions. The cables would get turn into a tangled mess or get disconnected all together. It just didn’t...

Going the Extra Mile for Non-Profit

Often, it can feel like technology is actively working against us. That is how a non-profit was feeling when we reached out to them.“Our wireless terminal never works!”The non-profit hosted an annual golf charity event every year and, every year, the directors would...

We Lost the Account

“If you need anything down the road, please, let me know.” This would be the end of the story for most salespeople in the world. They take a no as no. We understand that what no really means is not right now. In this case, our merchant advisor was losing a client of 8...

Case Study: Book Keeping Nightmare

We asked the merchant with 17 locations, “What sounds better?” 17 merchant accounts, 17 daily deposits, 17 merchant statements, and days of confusing book keeping messes. Or, 1 merchant account, 1 daily deposit, 1 merchant statement, and simplified book keeping. All...

We didn’t let him land the account.

We didn’t let him land the account. But why not, I can make huge residuals? Because the merchant is already with us - been here for about 6 months, someone else got there before you. (Inside information: The guy who missed the deal has been with us a lot longer than...

Flipping the question to find the answer easier

If you’re looking for Apps that help make more money in less time, they actually do exist! Problem is sorting through all of them that don’t. But if you flip it, you can find them. It works like this: Instead of looking forward for the app, flip it and start from the...

The $100 bat that hits home runs

Coaching little league: When I bought last year’s equipment most of the gear was cheap, but I splurged on a rather expensive bat. It was $99.95 and it came with a video link on how to swing better, along with some other baseball playing tips. I thought I’d give it a...

Is this the worst customer service ever?

I was helping my dad upgrade his mobile phone plan and phone I had the customer service experience from hell and it’s made me a more sensitive thinker. My dad’s getting older and asked me to help him change his phone plan. He’s had the same flip phone for 100 years...

Merry Christmas, er, or is it Happy Holidays?

It was a college visit with my son where two young students were having an obviously uncomfortable time knowing how to address the group. It started with “Merry Christmas, er, Happy… aah, happy…holidays?”, they caught themselves calling everyone 'guys', then they...

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