The System They Wanted, 1/4 the Price

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“I want something that looks cool and is functional.”

We were speaking to a doctor that was fed up with using a terminal and pin pad for his customers to run transactions. The cables would get turn into a tangled mess or get disconnected all together. It just didn’t have the sleek look that they had envisioned for his customers, whether they were making a payment or not.

He wanted something modern and stylish that was reliable.

They looked at software, but they couldn’t justify spending thousands of dollars on a point of sale system.

When we showed him Clover®, his face lit up.

Because they had limited counter top space, the Clover® Mini fit exactly what he was looking for. With the swivel stand, it made taking customer payments a breeze, all for 25% of what the point of sale software systems would have cost him.

The icing on the cake was that the Clover® App Market had the tools all the tools that they had been looking for a la carte, rather than having to learn all the ins and outs of a confusing point of sale software system.

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