We just rewired it so you can grow faster.

We partner with institutions, organizations and influencers to offer their clientele tailored processing at group rates.



Banks often offer merchant services because their customers expect it. But supporting the massive variety of terminals, e-commerce and integration methods can just create problems.

Working with us bank’s clients get expert 24/7 support, bankers have fewer headaches and their profit goes up.



Influencers love opportunities that create real value for their followers. Jay Abraham’s (considered one of the greatest marketing minds alive today) students were able to turn Jay’s marketing genius into cash by connecting to First Financial’s unique sales opportunity.

“First Financial, is in my opinion, the most preeminent credit card processing company in the industry” – Jay Abraham


Custom Apps

There’s riches in niches, but not if your software doesn’t work. That’s what one of our new partners found. They’d created software so car washes could run unmanned. Nifty idea, problem was it just didn’t work sometimes; often at the worst times. Drivers got stuck between the door in front and a car in back. Everyone was angry and their business was in trouble. They contacted us, we solved the issue and now it works every time.



Most associations have had a merchant deal before; problem is they’ve usually been underwhelmed with the result. Same story with a recent medical association partner, but they decided to try it one more time – this time with us. Good thing! Because they found we provided hands on concierge attitude and extreme follow-through that landed 2,000% greater member participation! They’re happy they went with us, but best of all so are their members.



The best ideas are the simplest. We’ve created a way for non-profits to earn money from card processing – we call it the Giveback. Merchants simply use FFUSA for card processing; select your organization and you get paid. We started with Rotary Club and have added over 750 other non-profits (ex: Ronald McDonald House, Red Cross, many smaller organizations, numerous churches…). So long as you’re a 501 (c)3 you’re eligible and there’s no limit to your income.

Partner With Us.

We understand the value of your relationships. Your clients are your business, your future business from referrals, and your reputation as a respected association or business. Entrust them into the care of a trustworthy partner, who has the same ethical standards and professionalism as you do. We have a long history of providing clients with the best programs available while giving them 24/7 white-glove service.