We're FFUSA.
We're known as the company that finds the simple and powerful answers everyone else racing down the road misses.

We apply that power of innovation to merchants, sales partners and non-profits to achieve their goals differently, not harder.

- Everything changes

Test us, you be the judge.

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About Us

We shake our head at convention, then create our own way.

  • Founder wrote REWIRE: How to Grow Business in a Crazy World and Have a Great Time Doing It!

  • Won the Best Places to Work – 8 years running

  • Via Tony Robbins, Jay Abraham joined as a pioneer influencer partner

  • Launched the Giveback and were surprised by the massive number of merchants onboarding

  • Kicked all CRMs to the curb, created CONNECT and gave it to our sales team

  • Built one of the first online processing gateways CHARGE(TM), paving the way for internet commerce

  • Created AVS functionality for millions of card swipe terminals when the processing networks wouldn’t, saving American small business $500M+

  • Called BS on the typical way of selling and created a new Way to JV

Join us and be part of what’s next.

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