Ping Me! – The away game

While sitting on the sidelines at his son's lacrosse game, Tim Merchant felt his phone vibrate, the text message was an alert, giving him a heads up that the inventory on his best selling product had dropped below his specified threshold. The text message...

The Freedom Of Starting Over

My phone briefly lit up for a few seconds, emitted a troubling beeping noise, then died. It was toast, and I'd known that from the moment I realized it was still in my pocket after I'd been waist-deep in a lake for ten minutes. The following day, I went to the store...

Business Development Manager

First Financial is looking to immediately hire a Business Development Manager that is driven to take that next step in their sales career. You’ll need to identify and target customers to grow our existing business. As well as help handle incoming leads, follow up on...

The Prettiest Girl In The Whole Class

At what age did you learn your first important business lesson? For me, it was age twelve. At the end of the school year, yearbooks were handed out and there was a frenzy of everyone “autographing” each other’s books. Somehow, I got the prettiest girl in my grade to...

Stop The Madness!

The silverware manufacturers of Victorian Great Britain were a wise bunch. Every so often, they’d come out with a new, unique piece of silverware, knowing full well that the families with a little money to burn would add it to their collection as soon as possible....

Don’t Get Caught In The LinkedIn Mess

I decided to scroll through my LinkedIn feed the other day, taking note of the types of content being posted. What I found was a startling number of posts that did nothing but draw attention to the poster under the guise of offering sage advice or tidbits on what...

Stop Cutting Your Lawn With Scissors

Here’s a pair of scissors. Take them out to the nearest lawn, and start clipping. Be careful while you’re down there on your hands and knees, you’ll have to worry about ants biting you! Now, if only there were a better way to cut the grass. Perhaps a machine that...

Is Your Technology Working For You Or Against You?

What were you up to in 2008? Much like you were probably at a completely different station in life ten years ago, the world around you was also quite different. You might have had a smartphone in your pocket, but it wasn’t integrated with your computer, smart watch,...

Working From Home, The Way It’s Supposed To Be

At FFUSA, we make it possible for our people to write deals and do business from the comfort of their own home. What follows is a guide on how to make the most of doing just that. Dress for success Research shows that you're more productive when you're reasonably...

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