Assistant Operations Manager

Our Assistant Operations Manager fills a pivotal role and because we're a growing firm, wears many hats. They help coordinate between departments by maintaining a clear understanding of company & department calendars, projects, and ensure that goals are met on time....

Customer Support Specialist

You’re a creative problem solver. You take pride in getting things done faster than expected. You thrive in a fast-paced environment. Now all you need is the right opportunity to help you thrive. First Financial Merchant Services is looking for a Rock Star to fill the...

Business Development Manager

Some places you sell and move on; this isn’t that.  We quickly build relationships that end up lasting years – the better we do, the more business comes from it.  Sure it’s challenging, but to see it all work feels like an accomplishment, it’s like how winning...

PR that sparks Action!

We are a fun and wildly creative bunch, so there’s no shortage of ideas.  It’s your job to turn those ideas into content that gets action (i.e. you write for how brains work).  You’ll be jamming out creative ideas with us, writing emails and advertising, creating...

Our reason for being:

A Place To Grow

FFUSA Core Values:

Play to WinWin
Problem Solving
Always getting better

Happy Holidays! ...

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Haters will say it's fake...

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Some say everyone is too busy this time of year to make changes with their credit card processing, right?

That's exactly what high performers want you to think.

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When asked how he handles the pressure of making a putt with so much money on the line, Tiger Woods responded that he doesn't think about the money -- just making the putt.

In this video, Chuck Fowler explains why changing your mindset can lead to better results.

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Relationship building can be challenging. It doesn't happen overnight and sometimes it can feel forced or uncomfortable.

This video shows you how important it is to nurture these relationships.

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