“What’s your rate” is like asking “How much is gas?”

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“What’s your rate” is like asking “How much is gas?”

What octane, regular, unleaded, ethanol, oxygenated, diesel, self-service or full, are you getting a car wash, are you paying with cash, credit or debit, are you part of a buyers club..?

The price of gas depends, right?

Do you want someone dumping gas in your car without knowing what gas is right for your car?

Same with payment processing.

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover all have different rates for different types of business. The rates change depending on whether the card is inserted or keyed into a terminal or if it’s over the internet. The rate futher changes based on the type of the card; debit, credit, rewards, business, foreign…

So, when someone quotes you a rate or flat out tries to sell you without understanding your business, it’s like running cheap gas through a Ferarri.

We’ve found that 61% of all merchants in the US are running their transactions through a billing system not quite right for their business.

Click here to connect with us. We’ll take the time to understand your unique situation and set up an individualized billing system so you can get where you want to go, faster.

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