“We want new equipment, but it is all so expensive.”

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“We want new equipment, but it is all so expensive.”

He was right.

When a small town diner contacted us, the first thing on their wish list was something to replace the old, dirty terminal that they had for years. Everything that their previous provider had offered them seemed overpriced for just a slight upgrade.

But we took the conversation a different direction.  We asked, “What do you want it to do?  That one question eliminates the confusion and unlocks a better answer that just shopping for equipment.

His face lit up when we showed him the Clover Mini. Not only is it a great looking piece of equipment, but it would catapult him into the 21st century with all of the apps created to help his business grow and run smooth versus his basic credit card terminal.

Looking at how he was being billed by his old payment processor we saw by changing it just a bit, we could put a bit more money in their pocket each month and it almost covered the equipment upgrade.  The remainder went on an affordable lease program with low payments.

He didn’t know it was possible. 

There’s always a way to win when you ask the right questions to understand what people want and need.

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