Set Yourself Apart

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Set Yourself Apart

Which of these business card designs is more memorable?

The Science: Flipping FOMO for KISO changes everything.

The irony of FOMO, fear of missing out, is that you do miss out when you follow the crowd because “that’s how it’s done.”

But when you step back, re-aim at what matters most and follow that path with KISO, knowing I stand out – that’s when you leapfrog.

Here’s how we looked at it:

Old business card, no matter how you arrange it, looks like everyone else’s.

But if we looked at where we wanted to go, it’s not just a money business goal, it’s a goal with personality, fun and a bit of impishness – when the way you do business matches your personality you take off the shackles and leapfrog.

The new design happened in an instant when we changed our vantage point.

Which card gets remembered?


What about you?

How can you match who you are with how you do business and KISO in a way that makes people lean in and give you a listen.

If you need assistance or are ready to get started, let’s talk.

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