Watching your money, in case your people don’t.

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Watching your money, in case your people don’t.

What happens when you hire someone new, they don’t quite understand that they have to push the little blue button on the terminal to send your credit card transactions through for the day?  What happens if they don’t do it tomorrow either, or the next day, or ever?  Then you banker calls and says, “Hey, you’re overdrawn, by a lot.  Finally, you track down the problem, it’s your new employee, who never pressed the blue button – and that was three months ago.  Too bad now because some of those transactions are so old, they expired.  You just lost thousands of dollars and there’s no way to get it back.

– But it never happened.

Because we watch for that sort thing.  It just happened yesterday.

“Thank you so much for catching this, that would have been a disaster.”

Small business owners need to wear a lot of hats and, despite their best efforts, things often fall between the cracks.

We got in touch with the owner of a restaurant because we noticed that they had a batch (with thousands of dollars in it) waiting to be sent to their bank account for over a week.

If left alone, card authorizations will expire. This means that recovering transactions becomes a time-consuming nightmare and in some (rare) cases it is impossible, leading to a loss of hundreds of dollars.

Sometimes it is due to equipment failure, but in this instance, it was due to a change in staff. A simple miscommunication regarding who was supposed to settle the batch at the end of the day almost lead to the business losing money.


Our support team regularly checks to see if there are batches open longer than the average. Since we have seen people live through the nightmare, we do everything that we can to prevent them from happening.

When we came across this batch, we called the business right away to make them aware of the issue. We walked them through closing the batch. The business owner described the nightmare that could’ve been.

The relief in his voice was palpable.​

That’s what you get when you partner with FFUSA for your credit card processing. World-class support is just a phone call away to help keep your business moving. We are here to help you problem-solve and provide solutions to get your business where you want it to go – faster.

Ready to partner with a company that helps you keep an eye on your money?  Click here we’ll start immediately.

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