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Ping Me If

“Well, that would have been nice to know a week ago.”

After a week of relaxing on the beach, a liquor store owner had the awful chest crushing anxiety their first morning back because an item had gone out of stock while they were away.

The business has grown to give the business owner freedom, but how can they ever enjoy that freedom when important tasks aren’t completed because employees “didn’t want to interrupt their vacation”?

They felt freedom slipping through their fingertips. They were left thinking, there has got to be a better way.

Their smile lit up the room when we showed him the Clover® app Ping Me If.

Ping Me If allows business owners to receive an email or text alerts when specific events happen in their store. It allows them to stay in the know and make decisions whether they are across town or on the other side of the world.

Business owners can toggle what triggers an alert, so they have peace of mind that they will only be interrupted for mission-critical situations that require their time.

Finally, the chain has been broken.

The bonus is that Clover® gives them access to hundreds of other apps that allow the merchant to manage time clocks, run promotions, and much more.

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