Team FFUSA at a recent James Bond party, corporate HQ Medina Minnesota

Why Work at First Financial?

Good people with extraordinarily talent and drive…That’s who you’ll find at First Financial. When you make the team, you know you’re in good company. Training with some of the best minds in the industry, we blend your talent with our vision to take the team even higher.

Innovative and entrepreneurial: We started from zero, no clients and no money; with no resources you need to be resourceful – that’s still the DNA here. We don’t settle, ever. Reaching for what’s next is our gear.

Winner: Voted Best Places to Work since 2008, 8 years in-a-row, by the Minneapolis/St Paul Business Journal.

Advancement: We are growing. With that comes a lot of advancement opportunity. If you want to go places, leverage your talent here.

Leadership: FFUSA is led by serial entrepreneur, innovator, author John Eliason and sales virtuoso Chuck Fowler. We’ve been mentioned in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, endorsed by Harvey Mackay, one of America’s most admired CEO’s and New York Times #1 Best Selling author of Swim With the Sharks without Being Eaten Alive, lauded by Jay Abraham, marketing guru and honored by the University of Minnesota.

Compensation: Potentially very high. And of course we have 401k, health, dental, vacation, but the real benefit here is high flyin’ moving forward always challenged interesting life.

There’s a lot on the table, but you need to prove you’re worth it.



Customer Service

“I truly enjoy working for First Financial. We have an awesome workspace and the company makes sure that we have all of the tools necessary to do our job at the highest possible level. The people that work here are great and make everyday fun. I am proud that I work here.”



“There are a lot of reasons why I enjoy my career at FFUSA. But the main reason is how transparent we are from the top down. No better transparency from our clients to our employees.”



“I love working at FFUSA – you’re challenged to think outside the box on a daily basis and are given the creative freedom to speak your mind and throw around new ideas. I love being able to work so closely with our CEO and Vice President. You honestly feel like you are a big part of the company and that your work matters, which is really rewarding.”


Information Technology

“I enjoy the flexibility of being able to come in early and leave at 2 p.m.”