Who gets to decide what you get and why do they get to decide and not you?

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Don’t you find it strange that the way business is taught that most new businesses fail, and that most businesses suck the life out of the owners as the owners struggle to keep their business going? What kind of crazy system are we being taught?!

We thought it odd and didn’t like the idea of average one little bit – after all, average includes 100% of complete failures in the mix. The question really should be: “What’s the average of the top performers? What do they do and how do they operate?”

So we through the old business ideas into the trash and with a clean slate we went out an created a better method. The results are here, in REWIRE.

Click here to go to REWIRE.

It’s this philosophy and model that we run FFUSA by. Its created a much better, deeper, more sustainable business that gives us a lot of pride. You can use it in what you do or join us.

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