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Me: “If we could set this up to work like you wanted, what would it look like?”

CFO: “I would want 3 things.
1. All the locations would have the same statement format. We spend three weeks a month trying to figure out how to make sense of the 53 different formats we get now, and turn it into one for our accounting department.
2. All the locations would have the same card swipe terminals. Training new and existing employees right now is hard because we have so many different systems.
3. The terminals would have a manager’s code on refunds issued. We’ve had a little problem with a few employees running refunds on their own cards.
Oh, and we don’t want to have to pay a fortune to have these things.”

I told him that I think we could do this and asked if he wanted to start with his 15 regional accounts or if he wanted to go with all 53 national accounts. We could arrange pricing so that it was less than they paid today and still cover the cost of all new equipment with the price savings if he went with the 53 national accounts.

He chose to go with all 53 national accounts and thanked me profusely.

Classic example of not assuming price being the issue. It’s often so many other things that we don’t know about. Sure, price is still a factor and it can be used to get a bigger account, but if we just focused on price and not solving their real issues we would have missed the big account.

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