Case Study: The Crashing Car Wash

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Here is a great example of why understanding a merchant’s problems is always the best starting point:

“I don’t care what your rate is, my problem is this &#!% automated system I’ve got keeps crashing. On any Saturday morning I can get ten cars lined up at a time, and that’s great. Until the system decides to quit working and that front car can’t go forward and the nine in back of him can’t back up, it’s a real mess! Not to mention that they don’t want to come back anytime soon. If you can make my system work, absolutely I’ll go with you!”

So here’s the deal:
We are not software developers, it’s not what we do. This is some other company’s software from who knows where. We have no idea what they’ve programmed it to do or why it crashes. That said we looked into it and found a lot people were also pulling their hair out because they couldn’t figure it out either. In fact they said, “We have over 200 car washes on this system and they don’t all crash, but some do and then won’t and then others will…We have no idea why.”

200 you say?

So we found a hardware solution that worked with the software. It took a bit of time and work, but we found their bug.

Today we’ve converted 101 of those 200 over to us.

The car wash software system people love us too.

That is what sets us apart from the crowd.

When you’re on the FFUSA team you have about 100 years of combined record-setting experience just a phone call away – we’ll help you strategize, target, close deals and get to the point where you have a solid income that takes little time to maintain.

Call us, we’re here for you.

The FFUSA Team

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