“It’s a no brainer!”

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Here is a great example of how the Giveback™ can make a sale, and future sales, a lot easier:

Yep, that’s what she said, and she was right.

I had just presented the Giveback™ program to the non-profit a merchant had chosen. It was a local Rotary Club that had found themselves in a familiar position for a lot of non-profits today, a lot of worthy causes and a limited amount of giving. Same pie, but the pieces keep getting smaller as the number of causes grows.

Now the Rotary Club was giving me referrals for other business.

It’s a simple way for non-profits to get more donations.  Every time a merchant  accepts a card we simply earmark some of the transaction fee for the non-profit. No out of pocket costs to support the organization from the merchant and they get to tell all their clients that they support the non-profit.

It’s a no brainer for the organization and for the merchant. It’s also easy for you to know who to speak with next because they can give you a referral that you never would have gotten before.

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