Fishing with Uncle Jim

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I had heard fly fishing was fun and relaxing, so I gave it a go.

“This isn’t fun at all, people actually like to do this?”

It’s exactly what I thought about fly fishing that first afternoon. My line was upstream, downstream, caught in a tree, wrapped around my waders and now the hook was caught on the back of my shirt and I couldn’t reach it. I stumbled out of the stream and decided that fly fishing really doesn’t work.

A few days later I ran into my uncle Jim at a birthday party and was lamenting my experience. He just kind of shook his head and said, “It’s really easy, but there are a few tricks I can show you. What are you doing next Saturday..?”

Ha! I never knew trout fly fishing could be so much fun! The silly snags I ran into the week prior were ironed out in about 20 minutes with his guidance. I even caught a fish on my third cast! Of course then I realized I had to land it, but Jim helped and there it was, my first beautiful brown trout. It was an awesome experience with his help. Man, I haven’t smiled like that for quite some time.

What’s something that you’d really love to do in life or business that’s been eluding you? How could you find a guide, someone with experience to help you get where you want to go? What if you made the call right now? What might your next Saturday be?

We can be your guide and give you the help and direction you need to be successful, and have fun doing it! Give us a call and find the information that has been eluding you.

The FFUSA Team

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