Credit Card Terminal Roulette

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“This stupid thing never stays charged. Sorry, it will just be a minute.”

This is a familiar situation that food trucks all over the country experience every day. The standard wireless terminals have a short life. They need to be replaced every couple of years, sometimes more frequently, due to bad cell reception, poor battery life, and the general wear they are subjected to.

The food truck industry continues to rise in popularity and thus the competition has also increased. The last thing that a chef working in hot and cramped conditions, with a long line in front of his window, needs to worry about is whether or not his credit card terminal is going to work.

What’s more, food truck operators are always looking for a way to get a leg up on the competition rather than just keeping pace with the pack. To do this they need to understand their customers. Who are they? Where are they from? Do they come back? What do most customers order?

These questions are near impossible to answer when cooking perfect fish tacos for 100+ people during a lunch rush. Besides, tracking this information requires an expensive and sophisticated piece of software that most food truck operators just can’t afford, right?

Not any longer.

With Clover Flex, they can track analytics using Clover Insights to learn all about their customers. This lets them know exactly where to park their truck and when. Clover Rewards offers a seamless loyalty program to keep customers coming back hungry for more. They can even use the Cash Track app to make sure every penny of their cash transactions are accounted for at the end of the day.

All of these features and more are available at a fraction of the price that big restaurant grade software systems run, while giving the operator peace of mind that when the rush starts their credit card processing system will power on, process fast, and help improve their business.

When you’re on the FFUSA team you have about 100 years of combined record-setting experience just a phone call away – we’ll help you strategize, target, close deals and get to the point where you have a solid income that takes little time to maintain.

Call us, we’re here for you.

The FFUSA Team

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