The Freedom Of Starting Over

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My phone briefly lit up for a few seconds, emitted a troubling beeping noise, then died. It was toast, and I’d known that from the moment I realized it was still in my pocket after I’d been waist-deep in a lake for ten minutes. The following day, I went to the store and purchased a shiny new (water resistant) cell phone. I was starting completely over with this one; all of my emails, apps, messages, and photos were gone. I expected to feel overwhelmed by having to start completely over, but the feeling I got instead was like a breath of fresh air. This time, I wouldn’t be bogging down this new phone with useless apps that do nothing but suck up my time. I only wanted to keep my contacts and calendar.

Fresh starts are great, but sometimes they’re brought on unexpectedly. No matter what, you’ve still got to have a plan in place that will allow you to move forward. Our income calculator allows you to get off to a great start; give it a try today.

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