Ping Me! – The away game

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While sitting on the sidelines at his son’s lacrosse game, Tim Merchant felt his phone vibrate, the text message was an alert, giving him a heads up that the inventory on his best selling product had dropped below his specified threshold.

The text message was from his credit card terminal.

Not just any ordinary terminal, but a Clover, from FFUSA.

His next call was to his vendor to ship more.  Done.

In the past, with his old ordinary terminal he would have been blind sided by an empty shelf and an, “Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you…” Thanks to Clover it goes as planned.

Ping Me is an app that Clover runs – It enables you to receive alerts when specific events happen in your restaurant or store, including when:

  • A payment, refund, or discount exceeds a specified amount.
  • An item or an entire order is deleted.
  • A custom item is added to an order.
  • The quantity available for an item falls below a specified threshold.

Here’s what it looks like.  Merchants love ‘em.

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