6 Terrible Sales Phrases to Avoid

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1. “Like I Said”


This is one of those phrases that happens very fast during sales conversations. Often, the person using the phrase may not realize the negative impact. It implies that the listener isn’t able to absorb the conversation, and could be perceived as demeaning to a prospect.


Common use of the phrase:

“And like I said, if you have any questions you can email me and I’ll follow up with you.”

2. “And Again”


This one is utterly painful to hear. It suggests that the listener can’t comprehend the conversation.

Common use of the phrase:

“And again, we are able to use your existing equipment”

3. “As I Mentioned Before”

Similarly to “Like I Said” but still passes the same sentiment. It comes across as being irritated that you have to explain something twice.

Common use of the phrase:

“As I mentioned before, our free plan allows you to get started, but you’ll need to upgrade if you want more bells & whistles.”

4. “Basically”

This one is similar to “literally” in that it’s an adverb ending in “ly” that doesn’t add value to the conversation. It’s a filler word that perpetuates lack of certainty and confidence.

Common use of the phrase:

“We’re basically the top sales dashboard solution in the enterprise market.”

(Side note: we never ever teach our sales people to boast, it’s just not authentic…)


5. “Cheaper”


Even if your product is cheaper, it’s an awful way to talk about yourself. There’s tons of other great ways to say “cheaper” without expressing the sentiment of a lesser quality product.


Instead of cheaper, try something like “Best value at this price point” or “An economical option.”


Common use of the phrase:

“Yeah we’re way cheaper than Competitor X”

(p.s: Don’t ever sell price!! We know your customers ask for price right away but that’s not always the end all be all.)

6. “Just Checking In”


Man we really hate this one! Are you really checking in? Did the customer ask for that?

Common use of the phrase:

“Hey Chuck, I’m just checking in because you didn’t respond to my emails.”


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