How Do You Master Your Network without Being Awkward?

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Are you going to your network but afraid of how you come off?

There is nothing worse than ruing an existing relationship with your new business. So how do you master the game?

In sales type positions, you’re encouraged to build leads by tapping into personal and professional networks to find

1) qualified leads, or
2) referrals.

In this method there are two types of people to look for:
1) potential leads, and
2) well connected individuals who can introduce you to potential leads.

Start with people that already trust you.


-So, Who should you approach?

Don’t bother people who have nothing to do with the business you’re in. Don’t call everyone – that’s awkward.

Don’t over think about how well you know someone before you approach them. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, your network understands that.


-So, how do you talk to them?

Get feedback from them with the intent to revisit them as a future customer. But don’t say “I’m not looking to sell anything but….” Their bullshit radar will go off.

Since you’re asking for honest feedback from your network, make sure you ask for a referral.
“Do you know someone that could use this?”

We never want you to go out to the field feeling awkward.


If you’re looking to start successfully utilizing your network, apply with us today. We’re ready to help you land business every step of the way.



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