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If you want to be FREE,
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Every once-in-a-while, there’s an opportunity that, take one step, and
it sets in motion everything possible.

Why payment processing is the last “Toll Bridge”

 If you could start each month with all the money you need how would life change?

Today there are only a few businesses where you can build to start each month with all the money you need, problem is that most of them require you to be a Warren Buffet; he calls them “Toll Bridges” and he loves them (Bank of America, Wells Fargo, GEICO, MasterCard, American Express…). So do AT&T, Team Mobile, Verizon, cable companies and internet service providers. There’s only one that remains, that hasn’t been gobbled up by big business, merchant payment processing.

With merchant payment processing you don’t need a license; you can literally start today. Problem is that with such a low bar for entry everybody’s in it. But a savvy sales and marketing company with a smart system can outmaneuver the competition in a New York minute.

The system

 “As a sales and marketing firm, we were always looking for the next shiny thing. This business seemed ‘too good to be true,’ so we tested it. We found it was very competitive. But we liked they type of competition. Why? Because it wasn’t savvy competition, just a lot of it.

The trick was to rethink the approach, set ourselves apart from the competition right out of the gate. So we developed a system called Rewire for targeting prospects and a selling process we call Discovery Selling that’s totally different and makes it easy for non-salespeople to sell. We created the Giveback where merchants can keep their low rates and at the same time support a non-profit organization, plus we added integrated marketing and automation for everyone on our team. It worked.

20+ years later it’s better than ever, now we have people coming to Minnesota to hang out and to learn more; we have deep and advanced classes in Joint Ventures, Bank Referral programs, Advanced Strategies and Mass Automation.

It’s become a very cool thing and it’s a blast to see people build breathing space and getting free.”

– John Eliason, FFUSA Founder

Look at how we’re different and then consider applying to join the FFUSA team.

The Freedom Calculator

Play around for a moment. Look in to the future for a moment and think about how much money you’d need to be free, out of the rat race, and what that would mean for your life. When you’re done contact us. We’ll put our heads together and see how to make it real for you.


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“If I didn’t have FFUSA, I would be devastated. I’m 59 years old and after all this time this was the first thing that actually worked”

– Dale, AZ

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