Is Your Technology Working For You Or Against You?

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What were you up to in 2008? Much like you were probably at a completely different station in life ten years ago, the world around you was also quite different. You might have had a smartphone in your pocket, but it wasn’t integrated with your computer, smart watch, home security system, and vehicle. Features like push notifications and video playback were in their infancy, and on most phones you couldn’t even copy and paste text.

When you think of all the features and conveniences that have come about in technology over the last decade, think about it in terms of what it actually does for you. Getting push notifications when someone is trying to contact you can be great, but what if it becomes more of an interruption or distraction than a convenience? It’s nice to be able to take calls on the road with your car’s Bluetooth functionality, but what if you’d rather just drive and enjoy the scenery? Technology brings about new features and functionalities all the time, and this week we challenge you to examine the impact these things have on your life. Is it making your life easier, or driving you insane?

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