How Did The Transient Get Into First Class?

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From our CEO, John Eliason:

On a recent flight, I couldn’t help but notice a man who sat down next to me. Frankly, he looked a bit raggedy, and as I wondered what he was doing among the business class – or on the plane at all, I found myself pulling my belongings a little closer.

It wasn’t until about halfway through the flight that it dawned on me, “I know this guy!” He wasn’t a transient at all! He was none other than Tommy Shaw, guitar-shredding lead singer and of the legendary rock band Styx!

I shook my head, smiled, and realized that I did something humans do all the time: I judged a book by the cover.

But there’s a lesson here we might all learn from.

If Tommy went to a business meeting, people very well might think less of him by the way he looks and he might come out on the short end even though he might have had everything the client needed. Meanwhile, the guy that looks the part and doesn’t know @$%! may walk away with the business.

To control for this, we use the ½ Step Above Rule. Think about who you’re meeting and the environment you’ll be in, then dress ½ step above. Not a whole step and not two, otherwise you run the risk of being taken for Liberace, which isn’t good for you either.

You be the judge, try it and tell us what you think.

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