Stop Cutting Your Lawn With Scissors

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Here’s a pair of scissors. Take them out to the nearest lawn, and start clipping. Be careful while you’re down there on your hands and knees, you’ll have to worry about ants biting you! Now, if only there were a better way to cut the grass. Perhaps a machine that spins blades while you ride or push and cuts the grass for you? Wouldn’t that be a game changer!

Automation has been a fixture of our lives for a few centuries now, and it has helped us tremendously when it comes to freeing up time to do what we want. A century ago, laundry was an all-day affair, but now we just throw our clothes in and go about our business. Transferring funds used to require a trip to the bank, but now we can do the same with a few taps on a screen. With our Connect software, you have the tools to reach more people with less effort, so you can do…whatever you want.

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