Don’t Get Caught In The LinkedIn Mess

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I decided to scroll through my LinkedIn feed the other day, taking note of the types of content being posted. What I found was a startling number of posts that did nothing but draw attention to the poster under the guise of offering sage advice or tidbits on what “successful people” do. From the tone of these posts, you’d think that one solid afternoon of reading them would morph you into the next Marc Cuban or Bill Gates. The reality is that many of these people have misjudged or lost touch with what allowed them to become successful, and many more are not actually as successful as they seem. When reading these success stories, try asking yourself a few questions:

1. Why is this being posted? What is the author going for?

2. Who is this person, and are they reputable? Can they be trusted?

3. Are these just generic tips that are no-brainers in theory?

The answers you come up with might just make you wonder, What am I doing here?

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