The Trouble with Gift Cards

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It’s no secret that gift cards are a great way to keep customers coming through the door and it’s no secret that keeping track of gift cards can turn into a living nightmare. From tracking the cards that have been issued to waiting weeks, or sometimes months, for cards to be delivered, it’s easy to see why business owners start to feel lost and frustrated. Often, they will decide that gift cards are far more trouble than they’re worth.

It’s a shame because nearly 60% of people say that they usually spend more than the cards value when redeeming gift their cards. That’s a lot of extra revenue for a business to miss out on.

The Gift Card app on Clover gives businesses a simple path out of the confusing gift card maze.

With Gift Card, the cards are sent via email and can be redeemed by scanning the QR code on the customer’s smart phone. On top of that, the app allows businesses to track sales in real time with automated reporting.

Gone are the days of pondering how many cards to reorder, because issuing a new gift card is as easy as sending an email. Now businesses can focus on making repeat customers out of the new customers coming in with gift cards.

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