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* $43,000 base + profit sharing increasing annually over 4 years to $27,000

+ opportunity to advance!

There are only two ways to pursue a career. One is doing a job that’s not really you, grinding your life away when you know there’s something better out there. The other is doing you, solving challenges and building the life you’ve always wanted to live.

– If you’re the latter, you’re one of us. Read on.

Your job is to connect with new sales people, all over the country, as they join our team to make sure they understand all the tools and systems we provide them – and how to use them; walk them through, educate, demonstrate, do it for them a few times as needed. Then to watch, follow up, make sure they’re using the tools to speed results. As we release new advertising, you make sure they have it, are using it in their CRM system. As they have questions, need other type of help you’ll connect them to the right person on our team – always following up, making sure we help them better and faster than they ever expected.

The better they do, the more profit sharing you earn.

The name of the game is, how fast do you want to get to $70,600?

– And we help you.

How we connect to set records, the success we’ve experienced, vantage points, new lenses you’ll learn to see through… We hope you’ll never leave, but if you do, you’ll take new tools, knowledge and skills, only available here, with you.

Explore joining us.

Position Details

From their first interview to on boarding new accounts, you will be there every step of the way providing white glove service to ensure they have peace of mind that FFUSA has their back and will provide them everything that they need to be successful.


  • Assist in connecting applicants with internal sales team for their interview

  • Walk outside representatives through completing their outside agent agreement

  • Assist with training and set up of their back office and our company CRM – CONNECT

  • Providing solutions, not necessarily knowing the answer but know how to get it or pointing representatives in the right direction to get the answers so that they can focus on the important things.


  • We run our own race.

  • Voted Best Places to Work for 8 years running

  • Access to leaders with decades of first-hand experience

  • We don’t look at your time with First Financial as a career but a partnership

  • We’ll teach you our proven sales system that has helped us grow for over 25 years


  • High, Positive Energy that’s contagious, in every way you communicate.

  • Effortlessly Effective

  • Outstanding Bedside Manner

  • Self-Motivated

  • Solution Finder to challenges, when most don’t even try

  • You’re open to seeing things differently

  • Your background check has no issues.


FFUSA HQ. 829 Meander Ct., Medina, MN 55340

There is an opportunity to work remotely after seeing all there is to see, learning to the point of mastery and ability to teach it.



* $43,000 base + profit sharing increasing annually over 4 years to $27,000

+ opportunity to advance!

More about FFUSA

Winning all the sales awards in spite of the low octane support for the outside sales team and merchant clients, our founder broke ties and started building First Financial USA (FFUSA) in 1996 as home for merchants who want to work with the best sales consultants and entrepreneurs who want a platform to get where they want to go, faster. FFUSA is a credit card payment processing company who has set ourselves apart in the merchant services industry by understanding what each individual client wants, then providing our best. When you’re on the team, you’re in elite company. You’ll be joining a core team averaging 16 years of first-hand record-setting experience – each.

FFUSA is a registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank, Concord, CA.


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