What’s Better Closing 3:5 or 1:50?

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When you’re referred to someone, or they’re referred to you, we see close rates of 3:5. When you cold call, canvas, whatever you want to call it, you’re lucky to get 1:50. Which do you prefer? It becomes an issue of where to spend your time. Ah, but how to get referrals, that’s the question. We have 3 starting points that have produced 98% of all the business we’ve written personally for the last 20 years.

Here’s the most overlooked.
The biggest overlooked source of referrals are people you already know. They’re people who don’t buy what you sell. – What? How can that make any sense? Here’s how: It’s the old warm marketing ploy, this time done correctly. While the herd only goes after the obvious target, people who buy their product, we go after those people and the people they know. If you know 150 people only 10-15 of them probably buy what you sell, the other 135 have 10-15 people that they know who buy what you sell too and that’s the key. You simply ask the other 135 people you know who they know that would give you a listen. Ok, even they only can come up with 5, you just added 675 prospects when you had just 10-15 before. And even if you only get 5 more from 10 of those people, you have 50 more instant prospects that fall into the 3:5 ratio – that’s equal to 1500 cold calls. You decide where you want to invest your time.

When you’re on the FFUSA team you have about 100 years of combined record-setting experience just a phone call away – we’ll help you strategize, target, close deals and get to the point where you have a solid income that takes little time to maintain.

– Call us, we’re here for you.

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