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Slogging through the deep snow, ice forming from my breath on my scarf, legs on fire, lungs burning as I stretched to make it to the top of the hill. It has just snowed about 18” and it was a winter wonderland. A buddy told me about a cross-country ski hill not far out of town. He said it was tough and most people turn back right before the top of a hill where the view opens up over the river and town below. I wasn’t sure how far this trail was and I wasn’t sure which hill would be the last and I wondered if it was all worthwhile. I started thinking that this could be an easy hill I am on right now and the next one could even harder. That’s when I stopped, my breath heaving and wondered if I should just go back. Then I thought, at the end of the day do I want to look back and be glad I did it or wish I would have? I pushed forward.

It was three more grueling hills further on and all of a sudden I was there. The whole valley opened up before me and it was one of the most magical views I’d ever seen. A full blue sky with only a few wispy white clouds and below me I saw, the river, the town, trails of smoke coming from the chimney’s of the small houses, the steeple of the church… I just stood there soaking it all in and reveled in knowing that I did it, that I could have given up and didn’t. It made it all the more special. I had made it to a place where most people never see because they gave up.

Then I thought, isn’t this like so many things in life? And I asked myself, “Am I pushing myself far enough in the things that matter in life? How can I dump the things that don’t matter and use my energy to take me over the hills to get to more of the magical parts of life?

And what about you?

At the end of the day what can you do to look back and say, “I’m glad I did it”, rather than “I wish I would have”? I’m glad I pushed myself over the hills that matter.

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