Level 1: Language
Please watch these in order, take them as often as you wish.

Class 1: Introduction

Introduction to the proven process to build your business with FFUSA.

Class 2: Equipment

Here you get the confidence you need to talk terminals, mobile, Square, software and Point of Sale (POS), Apple Pay, e-commerce and more

Class 3: Sales For Entrepreneurs

Quite possibly the best 15 minutes of sales training you’ll ever find. Learn exactly who to contact, what to say and what to do every step of the way.

Class 4: Money

Learn how to calculate your income on each account, and project how many accounts and the time you can expect it to take to be financially free.

Level 2: Scale your Business

Class 1: Discovery Selling – The Tune Up

Clients love you for taking this approach.

Class 2: Marketing

Giveback and $100 Guarantee

Class 3: CRM that Sells

Turn old-fashioned CRM on its head. You’ll learn how to use CRM as a systemized machine to set you free.

Level 3: Mastery
Opportunity isn’t where everyone thinks it is. See what others don’t. These are live classes.

Advanced analysis and pricing strategies

Understanding this piece means you know this industry inside out. Now your sales can happen faster because you can negotiate pricing.


When a bank trusts you with their clients you’re doing something right. We’ve had over 1300 bankers send their clients to us. Start landing banks and become the authority in your market.

Civic Groups

You find these organizations in most every town in America. They are tight-knit and keep a pretty closed door, but crack it and they’ll love you – and allow you access in.

Joint Ventures (JV’s)

What’s better, prospecting for one client or landing an association that may stream you hundreds.. or thousands? This is our specialty. We can teach you how to do it too.


Not taking the course may mean risking missing out exactly what you’ve always been looking for. Learn how to multiply business, get prospects calling you and create freedom faster. Taught by John Eliason.