The $100 bat that hits home runs

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Coaching little league:

When I bought last year’s equipment most of the gear was cheap, but I splurged on a rather expensive bat. It was $99.95 and it came with a video link on how to swing better, along with some other baseball playing tips. I thought I’d give it a test.

The videos were actually handy and helped me be a better coach, which helped my team hit more home runs that year than ever before, which excited the kids. The interesting thing was they hit as many home runs with the expensive bat as the cheap bats, but it was that extra value I received with the expensive bat that made everything work better.

I’d happily spend more every time if the value is there.

Imagine the value you can provide to your clients (you don’t have to be cheaper to provide value) and how beneficial it can be to them and how happy they’d be to receive it.

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