Terms and Conditions

1. PERFORMANCE. Because we allow a limited number of ELITE MEMBERS and because the value is high and the fee low, we expect you to meet or exceed expected performance schedule to maintain your MEMBERSHIP. 

2. You are not required to be an ELITE MEMBER to submit business to FFUSA. As a member you are not required to use any of the benefits listed, use what you like. Everyone’s’ experience will vary and all projections and examples are purely ideas of what’s possible and absolutely not a guarantee of your success.

3. CONNECT.CX is a power tool; please use it responsibly (ex. Please no unsolicited emails /SPAM). If you ever have any questions about what or who you can or can or should or shouldn’t email, please ask and certainly be aware of CAN SPAM rules/laws. CONNECT.CX is a separate company, not FFUSA and use of CONNECT.CX is entirely at MEMBER’S option. FFUSA will not be held in any way responsible for your experience with CONNECT.CX. MEMBER hereby allows FFUSA access to CONNECT.CX for analysis, training and loading advertising.

4. FFUSA will register one CNO (.com) domain, registered to MEMBER (i.e. It’s yours) through an ICANN accredited registrar, for use with ELITE MEMBER’S FFUSA affiliate website, marketing efforts in CONNECT.CX and general promotion and web presence.

5. New monthly advertising. FFUSA will provide MEMBER brief, simple and lite advertising and load it directly into MEMBER’S CONNECT.CX. It is completely at MEMBER’S digression to use advertising or not. Any other FFUSA related advertising must be approved by FFUSA in advance.

6. AGREEMENT FOR PRE-AUTHORIZED AUTOMATIC PAYMENTS. Member hereby authorizes and requests FFUSA and/or assigns to initiate debit/credit entries to Member’s credit / debit card account as such amounts become due for MEMBERSHIP. Any other details can be found in the signup process.

7. EVENT OF DEFAULT. If either one of the following events (each a “Default”) shall occur: (a) Violation of any of the sections 1, 3, 5 or (b) your card transaction is declined or is rejected for any reason, then you will have the remainder of the month to make payment. If you do not make payment by month’s end we shall have the right to cancel your MEMBERSHIP. 

8. Either party may terminate this Agreement, unilaterally and without cause, at any time during the Agreement, for any reason whatsoever, or for no reason, in its sole and absolute discretion.

9. REAPPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP. Life happens. If you default or cancel and then like to reapply for MEMBERSHIP you simply make the payment you missed and reapply. Your re-acceptance is not guaranteed.

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