Merry Christmas, er, or is it Happy Holidays?

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It was a college visit with my son where two young students were having an obviously uncomfortable time knowing how to address the group. It started with “Merry Christmas, er, Happy… aah, happy…holidays?”, they caught themselves calling everyone ‘guys’, then they tried ‘ya’ll’, which rang strange being in the state of Washington. It went on like this for some time. Later as one handed over the reigns to the other, the first drifted back to the end of the line where I was and we started chatting…

I asked, “Where are you from?”

Orange County.”

Do they say ‘Ya’ll’ in Orange County?”


Then why use it here, where nobody says it?”

She shook her head with some frustration and said “I don’t even know what to call people anymore, and I don’t want to offend anyone.”

Let me ask you, is your intention to be offensive?”


Do you think you’d say something that would strike a wrong chord just saying what came to you naturally?”

No, I don’t think so.”

I don’t think so either. What if you just said what you’re comfortable with, how do you think that would feel?”

Better. Easier. More comfortable.”

You might even focus on the point rather than being PC and actually get your ideas across better. You have permission to speak naturally and comfortably. It’s OK. What if you tested it?”

That’s kind of a relief really. Thanks for saying that.”

What about you?

Can you help people best by being you and asking the deeper questions to help people get what they really need, or the lite version walking on eggshells afraid to say what needs to be said, asked what needs to be asked?

It’s OK to be you! In fact it’s what the worlds needs most.


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