When you stop running a business (or it running you),

And start building passive income,

Everything changes.

Build a way out.

With every merchant you add to the Giveback, your passive income grows – and in less time than you might think, you’re free.

Everyone has their individual idea of how much money freedom is. Tell us what your number is. We’ll help you build it right from the start, starting immediately

We’ll show you how.

Live 60 Minute passive income workshop to show you exactly how this works.
You’ll get a blueprint and see every step.
It’s interactive, you can ask questions.

Join us
You be the judge.
Register Now.

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They say, “Make a big pile of money and then you can escape.”

No… That takes too long. You can get free in much less time – and with certainty, with passive income.

Run the numbers.

If you want $5,000 per month in passive income, you’ll need a $1,200,000 pile of cash (assuming a low-risk 5% annual return on investment).

How long would it take you to save $1.2 million? Assuming you can save $50,000 per year, that’s 24 years!

To build $5,000 per month in passive income takes as little as 15.5 months with us.

It looks like this:

And then you have choices

You can travel.

You have time to pursue your interests.

You can live where you want.

Life is better

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