Freedom Calculator

Probability of Winning

Low Chance:

Do the norm. Aim at sales.

Run out to merchants, tell them you can save them money or they need a flashy new piece of equipment/software.

– No matter how polished your presentation, you still look & sound exactly like the million other salesman who’ve knocked on their door – and you don’t even know it.

Yeah, you’ll get some clients – skinny, raggedy, transient merchants that don’t add up to much.

So much of your time, energy and heart drains away (you can feel it) doing things that don’t matter.

You miss the life you’ve always wanted to live, but you don’t have to.

High Chance:

Build a system that serves you fat pitches.

Immediately you get merchants who will give you a listen; many of these exclusive merchants keep their door closed to everyone, but invite you in.

Later they start calling you.

-This is how you can stack on clients in record numbers, how you make it a game – and challenge yourself to see
how fast…

The blueprint, real-life thinking, surprises, stories, examples of actually living it, about to be dropped into your hands.

And we help you build it.

Available nowhere else!


Meet three challengers who found ways to set up things differently and now have passive income between $100,000 and $300,000/yr.

What about you, what could you do?

We only select a few entrepreneurs to work with at a time

If you’d like to join the challenge:

Round One Requirements:
1. You’ve owned your own business or have at least 5 years sales experience.
2. You really want the chance to play.
3. You can’t wait challenge yourself, unlock new skills and live.

Starts with connecting with us.
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