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When we first set up our account, there were a couple of glitches with the set up process and a miscommunication with the agent. Immediately, the customer service department at First Financial connected me with Chad at the corporate office. Chad quickly resolved the issue and had my expectation back on track. Since then, any time I have a question about a fee or customer service, Chad is there for me.

I would like to recommend First Financial to any merchant in business. Their rates, customer service and knowledge far surpass any competitor.

Lisa, Classic Hair Design

First Financial is the only merchant services company out there that offers the Giveback program. Every time we process, First Financial automatically sends a residual to the Giveback recipient we picked. Because we believe in the cause and process, we added our agent’s contact information to our website and newsletter. We want others to know about the amazing Giveback program combined with the best merchant services company around!

Without a doubt, I am extremely happy with our merchant services account. Thank you for everything!

John, Mattress Showcase

I would like to express how extremely grateful we are for the service First Financial has offered us through the years. Our agent, Brian, has at many times bent over backwards for our needs and services. When a problem arises, Brian jumps right in and does whatever it takes to make things right.

Without a doubt, First Financial is in business with us. They are actively involved with our daily functions and follow up on every outstanding item we need. We appreciate the professional attitude, the low rates, and the general caring attitude from everyone in the company.

Dawn, Storm Lake St. Mary’s Church

Everyone that I have been in contact with has been of great help, always willing to go the extra mile to help a client. The credit card processing website is wonderful! I will certainly recommend your company to anyone!

Michelle, Northwest Communications Inc.

At any time, I will highly recommend your company to a merchant for services. First Financial’s customer service is exceptional! During our tenure, we have not any problems to speak of. When a question about a fee on our statement came up, I knew a quick phone call would answer my question. Anytime there has been an issue or concern, First Financial has been able to resolve it right away.

Thank you for being always there for us, keeping our rates low, and for having the greatest customer service.

Lorie, Houston Cardiac Surgery Associates, LLP

My deposits are always on time and my rates have been low through the years. Any time there is a problem, I call their customer service and I receive an answer to my question or a resolution to the problem.

I stay with First Financial because they give me the best rates and I can always depend on them to solve any issues and answer my questions.

Jackie, Golden House Chinese Restaurant

Your demeanor was admirable as I can be short-tempered when it comes to technology that I do not understand, and going through the material was made most pleasant when you consider that I had tried to do [PCI Compliance] myself and failed rather miserably. A light touch with a sense of humor was nice as it made me feel very at ease. Being directed in “non-jargonese” made the task a lot easier.

Lyon, Law Offices of Lyon J. Greenblatt, P.A.

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