Give Back

When you need a new way to grow more revenue.

Where non-profits raise money without asking for a dime..

Here’s how it works.

Here’s how it’s working for others

All they did was plant the seed.
The tree keeps bearing fruit, the money keeps coming in.


-And counting

What about you?

How would you be freed up knowing you have a constant inflow of revenue?
+ You can grow it larger.

You can.

– We’ll help you grow it.

Starting three ways:

1. Pick low-hanging fruit

Share this link with close supporters and members.

Each one will get our best 1:1 conversation.

2. Be the Johnny Appleseed of fundraising.

Together we’ll craft the right words for your newsletters, custom banners and buttons for your website, campaigns, and annual drives.

(like this)

How many seeds can you plant?

3. Log on and watch your funding grow!
User ID: 151729
Password: demo1password

The funding you want is within arm’s reach.

Together we’ll grow it.

Join us!

Todd Cartwright

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