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Here is a story from our CEO and founder John Eliason about a lesson he was taught and changed his whole outlook:

“John, what you’re missing is the math.”

I eyed Jim suspiciously because I’ve always been a pretty quick study at math. I doubted I was missing anything.

Then he said, “Problem is you’re doing typical math, not entrepreneurs math.”

I thought “Yeah ok, Mr. Hocus Pocus what does that mean?”, I knew better than to say this out loud.

“You’ve been trained by and have spent your time with people who have never really made it. They think what they’re doing is 100% what you’re supposed to be doing to get where you want to go and therefore so do you.”

“Ok, but I’m working 10 hours a day now.”

“Right but what if you re-aim the same time, energy and effort you are spending right now into areas that give you a better return on that investment? What if you tested what you were doing and continued to do more of what works better and less of what doesn’t?”

I’d never really thought of it that way… “Continually get better?”

“Right. And what if you could double your productiveness in that same time?”

“Then I’d make twice the money?”

“Right! Your time is paying you twice as much then vs. now.”

“Is that even possible?”

Fast forward… it was, and more, a lot more. But it wouldn’t have doubled like that if I’d never started to take Jim’s advice to heart.

Jim has long ago passed away, but I’ll always be grateful for him for so many simple little differences he taught me, Entrepreneur’s Math was just one of them.

Entrepreneur’s Math requires you to step out of where you are to get where you want to go, but if you want to be great, you need to let go of good.

What about you?

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