Why Payment Processing is the Last Toll Bridge

Why Payment Processing is the Last Toll Bridge

Join us Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. or 1:00 p.m. CDT.

A “Toll Bridge” business is a business where you keep getting paid every time someone uses the service.

Warren Buffet coined the term “Toll Bridge Business.”

Your monthly income continues to climb as your users increases.

Problem is most Toll Bridge businesses have been gobbled up by corporate America, except one:

Merchant Payment Processing.

And it’s competitive, unless you have a system. Figure that out and you can get free.

Sign up for our call and we’ll let you see exactly how.

John Eliason


Chuck Fowler

 VP of Sales

Find out how John Eliason & Chuck Fowler created a system for business that the competition has yet to catch on and:

  • What merchant services companies teach and why we do the opposite

  • Marketing invention that keeps new business flowing in

  • How you could earn the income you’ve hoped for in 7 years instead of 40

Yes, it’s a group call, but we’ll have time for Q&A and if it makes sense, 1:1 after.

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