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Register for the call to learn more about our Account Executive position from our CEO, John Eliason.


John Eliason, Contrarian, CEO/Founder of FFUSA

If the times don’t work for you or you’d like to talk to someone please call us at 800-678-7610.


If you had $2000, $5000, $10,000, $20,000 flowing in every month, how worried would you be right now?

That’s what people like about working with FFUSA.

In times like this, they have cash flow when others are wondering what tomorrow will bring.

You can too…starting now.

Here’s how:

1. You’ll see 3 Keys to unlock more Business with our proprietary tools for you to work remotely from any location.

2. You’ll see what others don’t-all those mysterious reasons why business fails- you see them and we teach you how to sidestep and win.

3. Aim your entrepreneurial skills into your business – whether you’re looking for a full time or part-time commitment to get started.

Come and work with us at no cost to you.

Look, we don’t want your money. We’re looking to work with like-minded entrepreneurial folks who are looking to build a book of business for themselves.

Connect with us now.

Don’t wait, miss this opportunity and wish you would have acted faster.

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