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Register for the call to learn more about our Account Executive position from our CEO, John Eliason.


John Eliason, Contrarian, CEO/Founder of FFUSA

If the times don’t work for you or you’d like to talk to someone please call us at 800-678-7610.

The 4 Hour Workweek 

Meets the best business

and team to get you there.


Imagine building $16,000-$17,000+ per month

and it continues to flow in, 

even when you stop.


-Starting now.  


Who we are

First Financial USA

Been doing this for 25 years

Voted Best Places to Work 8 years running.

Leaders with first-hand experience.


The catch:

You gotta love building stuff.

This is learning and growing,

not just hanging out.

We’ll show you.


Join us

for a 20-30 minute call.

The lights will come on.

You be the judge.

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