Case Study

It’s Up to Me

A Story of How a New Model for Business Helped an Entreprenure Find His Niche.

Meet Dale

Before First Financial USA (FFUSA), Dale spent time doing manual labor and then went into the real estate business as a realtor.
A friend from the mortgage business turned Dale to FFUSA and now Dale can work wherever he wants in the world and retire on his residual. At first, Dale set small attainable goals. He was being able to pay his rent, then the cell phone bill and then a car payment with his residual.

“When you see the money come in, a light goes off and you feel something positive in your heart. That’s when you know that this thing really works”.

The Challenge

The sales methods taught today are outdated. It’s challenging to go out into the credit card processing business with the current model.

That was a struggle Dale encountered for the majority of his life. He’s worn many hats over the years and traditional sales and marketing tactics only steered him to look for the next thing that will get him to retirement.

Time was running out and patience was wearing thin. But that’s when Dale was introduced to FFUSA.
“I was discouraged at first. I had tried everything in my past life – contract work, real estate, here was an opportunity but another risk I thought I had to take.”
Once he got that feeling, he knew that it was the right thing to do.

“This business isn’t for the faint of heart, you really have to have some goals in line and know where you want to go. Then FFUSA will be there to teach and encourage.”

The Solution

Dale took the opportunity from First Financial and started living his life by the motto: “it’s up to me.”

His motto paired with the team of experts at FFUSA, success was the only option.

“I had a 100% faith in them, they never steered me wrong. It does come together like they say, and you will see it if you do the work.”.

“The first time that my residual was more than my rent, I was totally stoked. I was just blown away. That was the kind of growth that was possible. Then I just kept setting new goals.”

Dale Rich


The Results Were Amazing

After hitting his target free line, Dale now has new goals for the future.

His next goal is to make $20,000 a month in passive income then “I’ll make plans for what I want to do when I grow up,” he says.

Becoming Part of the FFUSA Tribe

First Financial has been in the credit card business for over 20 years. It all started with looking at a failing business model in an overcrowded industry and deciding to do it differently. FFUSA equips you with the tools to

1) See what others don’t

2) teach you the words so people will listen

3) Walk, run and sprint with you to help you close the deals and grow your own business

+ wrap it all into a system so you can grow faster.

Opportunties Available

Opportunities Left

Members Onboarded at a Time

Amazing Result

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