Campaign Strategist-job opening

Campaign Strategist

If you’re a strong, traffic generating, subscription builder, but just don’t have your own program – but would like to get paid like you do, then you may have just found home. This job is challenging and it’s an opportunity for you to pull out all the stops, show the world (and yourself) what you can do. This is one of those chances in life to be part of something worth doing.

You will handle multiple campaigns (that you clearly understand). Your job is to move the needle and monetize with your ideas, writing, testing and analysis.

You’ll be thinking and writing for response.

You’ll test ideas and measure response in email messages, landing page conversions, shares, sign-ups and purchases.

Your tools are email (we have a growing list that includes 1.7% of all US population and a system big enough to handle it), lading pages, social media and whatever else works to a high degree.

Your resources are your resourcefulness and ours; our marketing team is small, yet world class. And unlike most CEOs who are stodgy buggars, ours prefers the marketing team to the board room – you’ll be working (we call in JAMMING!) with him a lot from time to time, especially at first. Because of that you’ll want to study his book REWIRE and posts in REWIRE LAB, you’ll find it core in how we run at FFUSA.

You’ll work with the entire team to formulate ideas and gauge subjective response, our tech team for tricky tool stuff and design for those things that speak better through images.

So, if you’re ready for adventure not just a job, look around, watch some videos, take some classes… If we look like a good fit, send your resume and cover letter to Colin (P.S. Colin is not only a good guy, but he’s also the fastest runner on our team.)

He will get back to you right away.

We look forward to JAMMING! with you.

Location: Mix of Corporate Office Medina, Minnesota and where ever in the world you want to be.

Level: Intermediate to advanced

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