Assistant Business Development Coach

Assistant Business Development Coach

Medina, MN

You’re a natural coach.

You can talk with anybody.

People quickly end up liking and trusting you.

You help get more performance out of others than they could get out of themselves.

You’re resourceful.

These are our five Core Values, if they fit you too, then please contact us, you may have just found home.

  1. Conscientious.  Conscientious people show care and put in a big effort, they are painstaking, scrupulous and honest.
  2. Play to win:win
  3. Not just going through the motions… we’re here to really be engaged.
  4. Encouraging/Cheerleader/Coach
  5. Problem Solving
  6. Always getting better

Background: Your background may be customer service, sales, managing, HR, psychology, exercise science, marketing, art history… We don’t care what it is; we’re more concerned where you want to go and how fast you can increase your speed as well as others’.

Skill level: Intermediate

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