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Aaron – Evansville, IN

“First off I must say this is one of the most exciting opportunities I have ever had. The “sale” is easy since there is not a product involved. You are offering people a way to help their business save money. I feel more like a consultant than a salesman sometimes after I get to know each owners specific business, and help them realize the best solution. I received the $3,000 bonus by helping every client that I could, who in-turn sent me referrals, so that I was able to meet my goal of 20 accounts in 60 days. Seize the moment!!!”

Kent – Medina, OH

“I wouldn’t have my house without you guys! I finally purchased my first home due to the income I’m receiving from First Financial Merchant Services. My residuals more than pay for my mortgage payment and I’m definitely living a more comfortable lifestyle – all due to my success with this company. I’m very grateful and will always be loyal to First Financial Merchant Services!”

Emilio – Fort Lauderdale, FL

“Before FFUSA I was in the same job for 12 years, making a decent income of $55,000. I left to go full time with FFUSA and now, 26 months later I now earn over $100,000/year – about $85,000 of that is residual income! What’s my secret? I am persistent, I don’t take no for an answer. It is hard work but I love it, and the hard work is paying off!”

Bobby – Los Angeles, CA

“I’ve been in this industry for 15 years with other companies and recently joined First Financial. The First Financial staff is amazing! Everyone has great energy, and they way they talk with me…everyone is knowledgeable, friendly, respectful, business-oriented, and professional. You just don’t get that often in this industry. When I worked for [previous company] I would call in to the office with a question and get completely different information from talking with two different people about the same subject. It was frustrating. I don’t get that uncertainty with First Financial. They know what they are talking about and everyone wants to help me succeed!”

Jerry – Las Vegas, NV

“I just had this sense from what I read that this was a company that I could align myself with. They would support me, they would train me, and they had the kind of product and the GiveBack program that made a whole lot of sense to me!”

John – Albertville, MN

“The biggest difference [between First Financial and my last company] …when I started figuring my numbers …the amount I made on the deals I had written over the past 3 ½ years, which wasn’t bad …but compared to what I could have made [on those accounts] at First Financial? It just makes me ill.”

“The communication internally has been fantastic. …What amazes me is when you write up a deal and turn it in, within 15-20 minutes you’re already getting a response telling me where that deal is. Having that kind of response [from corporate] is incredible.”

Shelly – Holland, MI

“I was skeptical about the promises that were given from First Financial when I signed on…but what I’ve learned over the past 4  years is First Financial is not only a company of great integrity, but  the founders have a fierce passion to help me succeed and reward my every effort! Never in my life would I think I could set my own schedule, work at my own pace and be so generously rewarded for my efforts! John and Chuck are the best in the business and are such men of integrity and passion.

My goal is to reach $100,000 in income a year and in 4 years I have gotten more than half way there! It’s such a blessing to be able to tell my money where to go verses my old life of having my bills tell me how many hours I needed to work that month!”

Brian – Storm Lake, IA

“I was self employed. I had been an auto-mechanic for 30-years and owned my own business… I just picked up a small interest in this, and it worked so well that eventually I didn’t have to work 7-days a week anymore…. It got to the point where, when this started paying more than my day job, It was easy to quit!”

Cam – Marietta, GA

“I wrote about 60 accounts this year. Next year, I plan to write at least a hundred. And I plan to do that—at least a hundred—from this point on. What I want to do is get to the point where I’ve got seven to ten thousand dollars [per month] in residual income that I can count on. And I know I can do that [in two years].”

David – Lubbock, TX

I was thrown to the wolves by the last merchant service provider I worked for.  Without training I wasn’t equipped to go after the big deals and I never could have closed them.  I’d been looking for a company like First Financial for the last 9 years! Now I’m capable of anything with the training and support I’ve received from my Agent Director and John Eliason (Founder & CEO)! They invested in me and now I know I can go out and get the business!

Brett – Finksburg, MD

“The great thing about First Financial is that you can have a steady income and build a monthly residual… and that’s what made it such an easy transition for me- I knew the power of residual.”

April – Houston, TX

“I am excited to offer businesses in my area the $100 guarantee! It’s a great way to introduce myself to them. It alows me to bring something to the table before they even see the savings I can offer them. Our GiveBack Fundraising Program is second to none. I am truely excited about the opportunities I am uncovering with First Financial Merchants Services!”

Tim – Indianapolis, IN

“When I looked at the whole picture of First Financial and I saw what you were doing and how you were doing it, I didn’t see anything out there that even came close! It just clicked—It really seemed like the type of organization that I wanted to be a part of.”

Beverly – Chattanooga, TN

“We help merchants get in a great program and we give back to our local community through our Give Back program making us a win win for all!”

Rorie – Seattle, WA

“Working with First Financial Merchant Services is the most fun I’ve had in as long as I can remember. When people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them, I help businesses grow, and they are instantly interested in what I have to offer. It is incredibly satisfying knowing that for some of the clients I work with, getting access to Jay Abraham’s marketing expertise will be the definitive difference between them going under or growing and thriving.”

Bruce – South Sioux City, NE

“I just love doing this! I don’t have to sell anybody anything other than my credibility as a human being. You walk in the door, they either have it, or they need it, and if they already have it, you just do a quick analysis for them, and explain the business to them.”

Russell – Detroit, MI

I’ve been in sales for a while, and this is different than anything I’ve done before. I have been with First Financial a month and already feel confident because of the sales training provided and the support I’ve received from my manager – Kurt, and the VP of Sales – Chuck Fowler. In less than a month I earned over $2,700 when I wrote my first six accounts…by working the program just like they show you. I’m confident a year from now I will be on track for a six figure income!

Mark – Hampstead, NC

“My main thing with this company is that number one, you pay better than anybody else. But besides that, it’s the things you do support-wise; with the conference calls and being able to talk to Chuck one-on-one. Those types of things you don’t get other places. So I believe in what you’re saying- that you want to help people- and that’s big. You know, if you’re going to help people, you’re going to succeed as well. So I thank you for that.”

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