Giving $4,713.27 to the non-profit, they wanted more

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For Michelle, an FFUSA Sales Advisor, it all started with one merchant who selected a non-profit to receive Giveback.

Then Michelle asked the merchant “Who else do you know who might like to see the non-profit benefit just like you?”

Michelle got referrals.

More and more signed up.

Then she contacted the non-profit and explained what was going on.

That’s when they wanted more and started recommending Michelle to their supporters.

Now Michelle makes over $65,000.00 annually off this business and she only works about 7 hours a week.

Michelle’s headed to $100k and 7 hours a week.

Where do you want to go?

Together we can get you there.


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P.S. Call us. We’ll demonstrate that it works and help you personally. We can help get you where you want to go in a way that’s meaningful.

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