Imagine $100k+ year three and 9 weeks paid vacation.

Here’s why it works:

Starting from scratch, our company leaders have grown a record-setting business using a combination of elbow grease and science.  We’ve been voted Best Places to Work 8 years running, written a couple of books, re-engineered CRM for faster connections and invented our own brand of marketing that uses scientific shortcuts.

– We have first-hand knowledge of how to build and grow fast.

Now it’s time for the next generation.

But it’s not for the faint of heart.

You start building immediately – it’s a challenging game – the quicker you build your region – the less time it takes, the faster your income grows and the less you have to work – it’s totally unique.

You get first-hand experience working with our entrepreneur leaders – together we build your territory right  – so it grows and produces for years to come 


> 5+ years of sales, recruiting, management or entrepreneurial experience.

> Excited to be better

> Ability to lead a conversation

> Believe you can accomplish anything and doggedly figure out how.

Location: Medina, MN

P.S. We built a new office (our own building) with plenty of space, have an aggressive business plan and plenty of room for you to grow and advance. 

Complete the short application we’re excited to meet you.


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