Use your entrepreneurial ability to retire in 7 years 

–  take 50% of your income with you.

– Sometimes business ideas don’t quite pan out – for a million reasons…  Sometimes it’s better to aim your talents where you can get a better Return On Investment (ROI).

Base + Freedom

We pay a base salary + profit sharing + continue to receive 50% of profit sharing – ongoing – even after you leave.

Here’s how it works:

If your accounts are earning you $180,000 ($15,000/month) while you’re with us and you decide you’re free, you’ll continue to receive ½ of that ($7,500/month).

-Yes.  It’s real and it works – and quite possibly the only place you’ll find in the world that operates this way – but that’s who we are.


We have a guy who’s made millions with us, never had a real business, but as a kid, he always had some ambitious little scheme cooking (lawn mowing, air purifiers, in college he always had a job)…We have a former auto shop owner, who’s working on his 2nd $ million now, a former financial advisor in the same boat, party planner, accountant, mom, stay at home dad and immigrant who are just tipping the $1million point – and others all on their way to getting where they want to go.


> 3+ years of entrepreneurial experience.

> Solid math skills and puzzle-solving

> Ability to lead a conversation by asking questions.

> Listen, understand, apply, ask questions.

Location: Medina, MN

P.S. We built a new office (our own building) with plenty of breathing space and an aggressive business plan.  Connect with us and get where you want to go – faster!

Why it works:

Because we have first-hand knowledge of how to build and grow fast and get free.

– It’s not for the faint of heart

You can be free too.

Starting 3 ways:

  1. Send your Resume

(Please make it easy for us to see 3+ years of entrepreneurial experience.)

  1. Your interview has already begun – how fast and clever are you to get called and have a meaningful conversation?
  2. Meet us in person – this won’t be a typical interview.




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