Business Development Assistant

We’ve taken a totally saturated business, credit card payment processing, and flipped it.  Now business rolls to us in waves.  How we do it isn’t harder, it’s just different.

Sales people who join us, and do what we do – they get free.

The key is to get started them started in the right direction.

– that’s your job.

You are the hinge pin between a new sales partner and our home office team.



  • Using the phone (we’ll supply you with an FFUSA office phone) you connect, build positive relationships and guide new Sales Partners through our onboarding process.
  • Help ensure Sales Partners get to training meetings.
  • Connect Sales Partner and their Business Development Manager for special calls and I-need-help-now calls.
  • Speed documents back and forth during a sale.


Qualifications we’re looking for:

  • Super encouraging and smart interpersonal skills, while on the phone.
  • Handle a wide variety of personalities with ease
  • Resourceful and entrepreneurial spirited.


  • Up to $40/hr.

Needed for this Remote Position:

  • Working computer and fast internet.
  • We will provide a company phone for you.
  • Dedicated quiet focused work (magic creating) environment.

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