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  • Win more,work less
  • System tune-up can make life easier
  • Bank recommended
  • Coolest new gadgets for accepting cards.
  • Square-like systems, but better
  • Expand
  • Online
  • New Business
  • Multiple Locations
  • Easier statements
  • Save time, save steps and increase speed.

Products and Services

Leapfrog Everything

Imagine new apps for your business that run from your card terminal. Imagine having enhanced inventory and order management, item level profitability data, and customer engagement marketing. It’s like opening up a whole new world!

Keep Your Old Terminal

Sometimes you just like things to stay the way they’ve been. Often with card swipe terminals you can keep your existing terminal and simply get better service for it.


Imagine if Cinderella’s slipper wasn’t made for just her, she’d probably still be scrubbing floors. It’s the same with the choices for merchant services. Most merchants aren’t aware that they could be getting fitted with something special and end up living in the castle.


Swinging at Fat Pitches

"I only swing at fat pitches and then I swing for the fences." - Warren Buffett Identify the fat pitch: Cold Calling Referrals Joint Ventures Run the numbers, if you have 20-40 fat pitches a month what would that do for the lifestyle you dream about every day? Answer...

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Delivered on a Silver Platter

Have you ever had this happen? “Hi, my banker said to contact you about getting setup for credit cards.” Imagine getting a call like that and you're selling credit card processing. Would it make selling easier? What if it were possible to get all your sales calls that...

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Battering Ram Business

Most people are taught to do sales like a battering ram. It’s like drawing out a football play where you just crash into each other you don’t get anywhere. Why do they teach it that way? Because its easy to teach and easy to understand. It's the same way in business....

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The Square tipping point

Here is an interesting situation to consider. I was talking to my friend who is an owner of a small business about card processing. “Why should I go with a company like yours, rather than just processing with Square?” The look of astonishment on my friend’s face...

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Get the liquor quicker

While swiping a customer’s card a third time and apologizing for his slow software system during checkout, the owner of a liquor store realized it was time to find something to replace the PC based software he bought over a decade ago. He winced at the thought of how...

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Credit Card Terminal Roulette

“This stupid thing never stays charged. Sorry, it will just be a minute.” This is a familiar situation that food trucks all over the country experience every day. The standard wireless terminals have a short life. They need to be replaced every couple of years,...

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